Learning How to Pack a Major Dilemma

Published December 20, 2012 by jamiestorhoff

ImageWe have finally found out that we will be able to move back to Iowa sometime in March! I am very excited to go back to Iowa to see family members  my animals and just finally be able to be back in the country where I belong!

 However it is very bittersweet for me.  On a good note i’ve been able to make some great friends, establish a job that I sorta enjoy, and find enjoyment for the little things around Beaufort that I can do.  On the other hand I hate Beaufort because of the HORRIBLE and RUDE drivers, southern hospitality is a joke, the weather is bi-polar, people randomly get shot out side of wal-mart, and over controlling veterans that happen to be your neighbors. I’m also very tired of the run round with the Marine Corps.  All the people that we have talked to about going out in the real world have nothing bad to say except that the real world is worse. Ummm excuse me? What person in their right mind thinks that having a career where you are treated like dirt and forced to work 12+ hours a day is better than finding a way to support your self? 

So over all I’m excited to be done with all of this and finally be able to start our real lives, because being stuck here just kinda seems like limbo. However, the major horrible task of moving half way across the country worries and scares the crap out of me. Yes, I said the move is the thing that scares the crap out of me. Not the fact of not having a stable pay check like most military families that are used to this life style, not the finding a house, dealing with a horrible economy, and all that horrible crap. It’s the move that will be the death of me.

I am a VERY unorganized person that just also happens to be married to an every more unorganized person. Which we just happen to have a full garage of tools and two classic cars, one that is in pieces and one that I love to much to even attempt to drive that far with, we also happen to have gotten very attached to the largest material items we could have. UGH 

Our plan to start off with was sell everything and deal with the headache of getting different furniture and such when we got there. We are both okay with this considering that our furniture was used when we got it and has gotten very beat up through out the years, especially with our puppy.  We did manager to calculate a 18th century piano that is about 4 tons in weight and does not have working wheels, a large fish tank, an engine crane, and another ton in random specialty  car tools that my husband is not in any way going to part with. 

So trying to make plans to move back to Iowa has so far been a fail no matter how many articles I have read to help teach me how to organize and become a better packer. 

We have started looking at houses and have decided that we would like our own little farm and my parents have been taking care of my cattle for me and they would come live with us.  Our over all goal is to one day have a self sustaining farm in order to survive the zombie Apocalypse. XD We have looked at many foreclosed home and they seem to fit our price range pretty well. However you can’t really buy a house if you have no idea what you are buying. So that will have to wait until we are back for awhile. 

Overall I can’t wait for this new adventure to happen. Most people coming out of this life style are terrified of what might happen and me, I just say lets do this! 🙂


Another Error Written Chapter.

Published September 28, 2012 by jamiestorhoff


Well once again it’s just me and the puppies! Garrett was sent out on a debt for a month and I’m stuck living on my own.  It’s not really scary as one would like. Living in a random place with no one being around to help you if you are in need. It’s all about the faith, and it took me six months and a crazy joint condition. Now when ever I start to stress I just keep telling my self that God will take care of me and ask for more strength. 

On a good note I was finally able to get a job to keep me busy and start working full time next week.  It makes things a bit more scary since I’m working my chest more and always worries that something is going to happen to the one car I have. But it keeps me busy and with college classes it is starting to help the days go by faster. I just keep telling  my self at least it’s not a deployment. 🙂

On a good note! The cutlass is finished and all put back together for the third time! So hopefully my crazy productive husband can keep it that way when he returns! 

Goals for September. :)

Published August 29, 2012 by jamiestorhoff

ImageThese past few months I feel like have flew by and tons of things I thought that was going to be done by now is not. With all the confusion about where my life is going to be I really need to get the things I want done now, done! So I’ve made a numerous goals that I want to achieve during this month. And some how I already know most of these won’t get done.


  1. Finish the cutlass! I’m SICK of not having a car and I’m sick of going out side and staring and by beautiful muscle car not running. And I miss car shows! I miss car shows a lot!! ImageImage

2. Finish my painting design for the cutlass. I LOVE painting cars. After  my husband let me paint his old buick black I learned that that was my calling in life! Since I know I can paint cars I’m really excited to paint my own cutlass. I think that at one time the cutlass was a race car which gave me the idea to paint it like a race car. With my dad being a retired race car driver I decided to un-retire his old number 11 for the cutlass! It’s just a matter of finding the rights colors and right designs. 

3. FINISH MY QUILT. When Garrett was deployed I started a quilt to pass the time and it did help! I managed to finish the quilt top (Pictured above) I took forever to finish and now that I’m done I’m so tried of looking at it! 

4. Finish painting the Chrysler’s engine bay. With us not knowing when we are going to move and having a 2 ton car. That and I know that garrett is dying to have his old car back. It hasn’t ran since 2006 and we finally have everything we nee to finish it. Now it is just a matter of time before we put all the pieces together. 



5. Start working out more!! Having problems with my chest has made it very difficult to work out and I miss my toned abs! lol And working out is good for my chest. 


Through out college I have always been told when you make goals make the realistic! So I feel like these 5 goals are with in my reach. So I’m off to start checking some of these off. 🙂




Love at first sight

Published August 5, 2012 by jamiestorhoff

ImageDuring my husbands deployment I managed to save up extra money. I sold my old car and decided I was really going to treat myself when getting another one. So after my husbands safe return we looked every where for ’60’s and ’70s oldsmobiles. I’ve always been an oldsmobile girl and it was always my dream to own a classic piece of this car companies history.

One day wouldn’t you know I managed to get on ebay and find a guy from West Virginia who was selling a 1967 oldsmobile F-85 holiday delux. He had listed a phone number and after looking over pictures of the car and researching what was correct for that car I gave the guy a call. Everything that he told me just managed to make me more and more excited. The car needed some work, the engine was the one from the factory, everything was still original. He said that he would be willing to trailer it half way for both of us which was Mooresville North Carolina. he also said that we wouldn’t have to put a down payment on it just pay him the full amount in cash when we met. 

I will never forget how it felt to see my cutlass for the first time. It was sitting behind a trailer off the interstate at a rest area. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to have that car. 


I was the first person to ever drive my car after we bought it. However that didn’t last long. I noticed that the gas gauge was very low and with Garrett following me in his buick I called him to let him know also. However it was much much lower than we had thought. Also at this moment I noticed that the speedometer wasnt working. I was driving down the interstand at God knows what speed with very little gas. 

Well it all came to an end when I got off at the first exit to find a gas station as soon as the light turned green the car died. In the middle of traffic and everything. Garrett had to hook up a chain to the buick to pull the cutlass to the first gas station we found. So after we got gas we tried starting it and the battery died. After making a quick trip to a near by wal mart and jump started the cutlass. After all the mishaps we were ready to go. 

I made Garrett drive because I was paranoid that I would some how manage to kill the car once again. I had to drive in front of Garrett since I could tell how fast we were going. We kept to 55 even on the interstate to make sure we weren’t going to tear anything up. Our 4 hour trip in the buick became an 8 hour trip with the cutlass. 

After running out of gas the cutlass ran like a dream we had no major problems except for when it got dark we found out the the tail light didn’t want to work so well so I had to drive behind the cutlass and be it’s tail lights.  

but we managed to get home safe and sound. As of today the cutlass doesn’t run because of a recent engine rebuild. But that’s another story! 🙂


Frugal Freshness!

Published July 31, 2012 by jamiestorhoff

Okay so I did it. I broke down and made homemade febreze. Honestly I love it more than the expensive kind. I use it every single day on everything! And it cost me pennies to make a whole bottle! SO I thought I would pass this on to everyone else and let them know that it does work! So here’s what you need: Fabric softer (You can use homemade I just haven’t gotten that far in making stuff), Baking soda, Hot water, measuring cups, and a spray bottle. I use an old   one that we had laying around.Image

Measurements: You will need

1/4-1/8th cup of fabric softner. I use snuggle purple fusion. It smells like liac and it’t too strong

2 tablespoons of baking soda

Enough hot tap water to fill the bottle the rest of the way.



This stuff is so easy to make! Just mix everything together fill your bottle with hot water and shake! And BAM! You have homemade febreeze that is better (yes I said better!) than the cheap stuff and you don’t send $5 dollars a bottle for it. I love the scent that I picked out also its just so fantastic and its among the cheapest fabric softer at wal mart.


Cake In a Jar!

Published July 26, 2012 by jamiestorhoff


Yes I know what your thing. Are those really eatable cakes made in a jar? Well yes they are!  With Garrett being deployed there was many holidays and special events that we were not able to spend together. During those 6 months one month contained his birthday. My husband isn’t very fond of the military life and it’s pretty hard for him to get through the days. So I did everything possible to make the deployment at least a little bit better for him.  SO for his birthday I discovered Cake in a jar. The great thing is if I can make these you can! And they last up to two weeks with out frosting.

So First of all decided what flavor of cake you want to make. Then go home follow the directions to mixing and preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Next fill up what ever size jars you desire I did mine half way to a third of a way you really have to experiment with different cakes. If they are too full when you take them out just cut off the top of the cake.

Next place your cakes in a baking with the bottom filled with water that way to help keep your cakes moist. During the last 5 mins start to boil your lids. You only need to do this if you want the cakes to last a long time if you are doing it for a fast gift it’s okay if they don’t pop.

When the cakes are done simply put the lids and rings on like normal caning and wait for the pop! One they are sealed and cooled you can decorate them and add little gift tags. And dont for get to send the frosting along. If you are using these as short term gifts you can add some frosting but it can be very difficult.

Happy baking!

Living with Tietzes

Published July 24, 2012 by jamiestorhoff

So this may be a long post but please don;t be discouraged by this and please keep reading. The topic I am about to talk about effects my life ever single minute and if I can educate at least a few people then I feel I have planted seeds.  This is also not an easy topic for me to freely talk about so please feel privileged reading this.

On January 17 2012, I was living by myself and was also waiting for my husbands deployment to be over. At this point we were about in the half way mark and I was readily making plans for a dream home coming. I remember this day like a mother remembers the day of her child’s birth. I woke up and started getting ready for the day. Looking in the mirror I screamed and dropped everything. As one of my collar bones was popping so far out of my chest it looked like it was not longer part of my chest. It didn’t hurt but as the day progressed it started to get worse and worse. I called my mom asking if she had heard anything about this before and if bones could actually swell up 10 times their size. My mom had never heard anything. so I called the hospital and they said they could not get me in until Monday, and today was Friday. As the pain started building I could no longer take it.

Driving my self to the hospital in horrifying pain and tears was the hardest thing I had ever been through that that point. I was all alone and no one to turn to if something serious was happening. The unexpected killed me but not as bad as the pain. Going in to the ER they hooked me up to an EKG to make sure the pain was not from a heart attack .  Next after screaming at them that I had not done any heavy lifting and I was sure I had no broken bones I was taken up for x rays. At this point there felt like there was 100s of pounds pressing down on my chest and it being so hard to breath that my body no longer wanted to I managed to get up to x-ray. Going back to my room in the ER I was given a shot in the butt with muscle relaxers and told they had no idea why my body was doing this.

After 6 hours in the ER they allowed me to leave only telling my I had Tietze’s syndrome. Sounds stupid I know but for those of you that are like me and have no idea what it is I’ll explain. It is where you have severe pain any where through out the chest. Tietze’s Syndrome is considered to be a benign condition that generally resolves in 12 weeks. However, it can often be a chronic condition. The pain can be identical to a heart attack and can cause hyper ventilating, anxiety attacks, passing out, panic attacks and temporary numbness/paralysis. Sound painful? You have no idea.

Still after 6 months it has only gotten slightly better. It controls everything I do. Everything is even an understatement. After I was diagnosed the pills that I received were too strong for my body. At the time I had no idea how much damage they were doing to my body.

I slept for 2 months straight and ate nothing. I cried every night thinking that I would never be the same or be able to do the things I loved. With my husband coming back I felt like I wouldn’t be able to give him the homecoming he deserved or even be able to attend his home coming. I felt like a horrible wife. I had friends dis own me because I couldn’t hang out when they wanted. I had people tell me to my face that they thought I was faking it for attention. Worst of all I had no one to turn to since my husband was over seas and couldn’t talk most of the times anyways. My family tried to be there over phone calls but it never felt the same. I still had a hard time dealing with it all and what little faith I had left was running low. I continued praying and confiding in God to heal me and give me strength to handle all of it.

Fast forwarding to today I can mange to get around and do things that I love to a certain extent. I feel more normal than I thought I ever would at that point in my life. But I am happy to say with God’s help, my fur babies, my family and most of my hero, my husband I am doing much better. Not totally pain free but I’m still kicking. I will hopefully be seeing a specialist soon to help with the pain when breathing and still having attacks.

If you are still reading. I thank you. Yet they still have no idea why this has happened to me they think it may be my lack of handling stress well. Even though when the pain is at it’s worse I feel I am under no stress at all. I always took good health for granted and I hope that after reading this you too can now see how important good health really is. I also hope that you may learn from this and realize even though a person may be smiling and happy on the inside does not mean they are faking a very serious disease for attention. I have to say that has been the hardest thing to handle through this all.

I thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read this very painful experience I am going through and thank God every day for good health! 🙂